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As a Fleet Manager, you need your vehicles up-and-running, dependable, and to serve as a positive reflection on your company.

Welcome to Fenkell Automotive Services, an established and well-respected name in fleet services. For more than 80 years, our auto repair company has developed a comprehensive fleet program with the capacity to repair and maintain fleets from five to thousands of vehicles.

Whether you have a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, limousines, or cabs, choose Fenkell for your fleet service needs!

Do You Want Your Fleet Vehicles Safe and Trouble-Free? Get to Know Fenkell!

At Fenkell Automotive Services, we designed a fleet program specifically to meet the needs of our fleet customers and to make your life much easier. Since 1932, customers have appreciated Fenkell’s extensive auto expertise, warmth, professional customer service, and state-of-the-art equipment.

We recognize that a properly maintained vehicle is more dependable, safer, and lasts longer. Thus, Fenkell’s highly-experienced and dedicated ASE-certified technicians are quality-driven with high standards and an eye for detail. We quickly respond to your immediate needs and proactively schedule your vehicles for fleet service.

Fenkell specializes in providing responsive auto repairs through innovation, quality, and reliability. We are completely licensed and insured to service your company fleet, and our highly experienced and certified auto techs have received intensive training. We guarantee professional, quality work in a timely manner.

Your Fleet Is Our Fleet

Whatever size fleet or types of fleet vehicles that you have, Fenkell appreciates actively repairing and conducting maintenance on your behalf. We service:

  • Auto manufacturers’ fleet company cars and test vehicles
  • Commercial business’ fleet vehicles, especially those without a maintenance garage:
    • Contracting
    • Trucking
    • Car rental
    • Transportation – Limousines, Taxi’s/Cabs, Vans
    • Catering
    • Florists
    • Retailers
    • Auctions
    • Cities/Municipalities

Fenkell Knows Fleet

Fenkell gets your fleet vehicles running like new with our fleet services. Our complete, full-service shop will repair your vehicles, schedule maintenance reminders, and administer vehicle maintenance. Keep your fleet running strong with expertise and professionalism in:

  • Glass replacement
  • Oil changes
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Other maintenance services, including engine, exhaust, suspension, alignments, heating and cooling, air conditioning, and tire rotation.

Breath a Sigh of Relief

Come to Fenkell to relieve your fleet pressures, as we will:

  • Maintain your fleet of vehicles in tip-top shape!
  • Diagnose small problems before they become major issues!
  • Prevent vehicle breakdowns and thus, lower operating costs!
  • Increase vehicle lifespans and improve fuel economy and efficiency!
  • Bring forth fewer breakdowns and unscheduled repairs!
  • Contact you routinely to schedule vehicle maintenance!

Fleet Perks

You Deserve Special Pricing & Care

Busy and budget-conscious fleet managers appreciate Fenkell’s express oil changes and highly-competitive pricing. When you become a member of Fenkell’s Preferred Customer Care Program, receive special vehicle pricing and care – save thousands of dollars on each vehicle, increase vehicle life, and acquire oil changes for life.

We honor and participate in all fleet maintenance repair programs and after-market warranty programs.

Track Repairs/Maintenance & Monitor Trends

When you bring in your fleet vehicles, Fenkell tracks all pertinent details pertaining to their repair and maintenance. Detailed reporting helps you monitor vehicle trends, decide whether to keep or retire a vehicle, and effectively manage your fleet by analyzing costs and monitoring trends in wear, neglect, and abuse.

Mobile Fleet & Towing Services

Do you also desire mobile fleet services and/or towing services? We can provide them for an additional fee. Further, we perform at your discretion DOT safety regulation inspections as well as limousine inspections as required by law.

Endeavors to Serve

Fenkell Automotive Services has proudly developed three divisions over the years:

  • Fleet Customers
  • Auto manufacturers nationally and internationally
  • Local residents in Michigan

Our strong reputation for professional automotive repair and maintenance has brought us opportunities to service many thousands of vehicles.

Fenkell specializes in providing responsive auto repairs through innovation, quality and reliability. We are licensed and insured to service your company fleet. Our highly experienced and certified auto technicians have received extensive training. We guarantee professional, quality work in a timely manner.

We invite you to call Fenkell toll free, at 844-Ring-Fenkell or (844) 746-4336, or contact us.

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