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Help The Stayers

We think of our employees as family, and do whatever we can to help them when in need. Our Diesel mechanic Tim Stayer aka Pops has been a valued employee of Fenkell Automotive Services for many years. His wife, Rebecca, is currently suffering from a rare disorder called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). It is a brain disorder that causes problems with walking, balance and eye movements. Although cause is unknown, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy results from deterioration of cells in areas of your brain that control movement, and slowly worsens over time.

Rebecca is unable to work or drive, requiring an at home nurse to care for her needs. Due to her condition worsening, they are now requiring a second at home nurse to assist Rebecca. With the medical bills growing, Pops is unsure of how they will be able to continue to pay for the daily at home nurse care.

If you are able to assist with their financial burden, any donation would be greatly appreciated. All funds raised will go directly to Rebecca’s medical costs.

On behalf of Pops, Rebecca and the Fenkell Automotive team, we appreciate your support.