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Oil Changes MI
Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important things to extend the life of your vehicle. We offer Fenkell’s Preventative Maintenance Plan, which will essentially give you comprehensive oil changes for life.

During oil changes, your Fenkell technician will drain out the old motor oil and replace it with new motor oil and a new oil filter. As the main purpose of oil is to lubricate your engine parts, when oil ages, it breaks down and becomes less effective. Thus, old oil, low oil pressure, and lack of oil all can cause damage to your engine, as the engine’s moving parts rub together and wear out each other.

Manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules typically suggest oil changes  every 3,000 -7,000 miles. When you drive in cold climates, tow a trailer, or drive aggressively, you may need oil changes more often.

We suggest that you keep an eye on your pressure gauge and check the oil level regularly between oil changes. If the pressure is very low, the “oil” light comes on, or the dipstick registers below the “safe” level, address the situation immediately. You may need to add oil.

Let us know if you regularly run low on oil, as you may have a leak or may be burning oil.

Synthetic oil and diesel are $500 with the intervals bumped up to 6 months or 6,000 miles. Transferring membership within the first year is free while the second-year membership transfer is $59.95, and the third-year membership transfer is $99.95.

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