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Tune-Ups MI
Be sure to get a vehicle tune-ups according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for tune-ups when:

  • Your vehicle runs bad
  • The “Check Engine” light goes on
  • You are getting poor fuel mileage

Fenkell and its professional auto technicians will be happy to conduct professional tune-ups and ensure that your vehicle runs safely and smoothly.

Common steps in Fenkell automotive tune-ups:

  • Replace your fuel filter and perform a comprehensive fuel injection service
  • Change your spark plugs, plus examine and perhaps replace your spark plug wires as well
  • Replace your distributor cap and rotor
  • Check and replenish your fluids
  • Check and possibly change your oil and oil filter
  • Replace your air filter between major services and every 15,000 miles
  • Service your battery
  • Replace your PCV valve

Contact Fenkell to perform tune-ups on your vehicle. We can also share your manufacturer’s tune-up recommendations.

We invite you to call Fenkell toll free, at 844-Ring-Fenkell or (844) 746-4336, or contact us.

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