Transmission Service in Auburn Hills

At Fenkell, we advise you to take care of transmission problems early. This helps you save money and reduce your vehicle’s downtime, as transmission problems get worse with time.

Fenkell will evaluate your transmission, and if necessary, install a new, used, or remanufactured one. Two types of transmissions include manual and automatic.

Signs of transmission trouble

  • Leaking Fluid: Red fluid is typically transmission fluid and may mean that you have a leak. Since transmission fluid cools and lubricates parts as they move, low fluid can cause the transmission to overheat and/or cause parts to wear down. Park your car in a clear, clean area for 24 hours, then move the car and check for drips or puddles.
  • Check Engine Light: This tells you that your vehicle’s internal computer detects a problem in an operating system. It may be the transmission, engine, exhaust, etc. Fenkell will use the proper diagnostic equipment to assess and diagnose the issue.
  • Something Feels Wrong: If you feel grinding and shaking as you increase or decrease speed or shift gears, this can be a symptom of a serious transmission problem.
  • Makes Funny Sounds: A transmission that is operating properly will not make noises. If you hear whining or humming, it’s a problem. Noises may only happen sporadically at first, yet will occur more frequently over time. So, bring it to Fenkell to get diagnosed.
  • Won’t Go Into Gear: When an automatic transmission hesitates or has trouble engaging in or out of any gear instead of shifting quickly into gear, there is likely an issue.

We invite you to call Fenkell toll free, at 844-Ring-Fenkell or (844) 746-4336, or contact us.

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